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Policy and Advocacy – DEC gives voice to issues unique to the early childhood/early intervention/early childhood special education population. This includes support for issues that impact children, families, and the workforce. This fund supports events for DEC members to encourage engagement in this important work.

Equity/Diversity/Belonging – Support to the equity initiatives at DEC promotes inclusion, equity, and social justice work. Examples activities include open access professional development, resources to growing a diverse work force, and support to diverse voices in the work of DEC’s board, committees, and other activities.

Family and Adults with Disabilities - DEC is committed to a professional organization that truly partners with family members (as defined by each family) and by adults with disabilities who are partners in all aspects of the association and in the work in the field. This fund supports costs associated with engagement in DEC work.

Standards/Recommended Practices/Personnel Preparation – DEC work to support the CEC/DEC Initial Practice-Based Professional Preparation Standards for Early Interventionists/Early Childhood Special Educators (EI/ECSE) (Initial birth through age 8) and the DEC Recommended Practices is critical to assuring high quality, individualized, equitable services. Support to this fund assures that DEC has the capacity to assure this work is embedded in preservice and inservice.

Students – DEC believes in the future and the future is our student members. Supporting Undergraduate, master’s level, and doctoral student attendance at the conference, student internship experiences, and student engagement at the subdivision level is an early effort to grow our DEC member leaders.

Subdivisions – DEC’s subdivisions are the heartbeat of the organization. Support to this fund allows DEC subdivision leaders to engage in the work of DEC and to expand the work of DEC at the state level.

J. David Sexton – This doctoral student fund is supported by David’s colleagues, friends, and family to ensure his contributions to DEC and to leadership preparation live on through a new generation of scholars and leaders in the field. Funds support attendance at the conference and research at the dissertation stage.

Rose C. Engel – This fund is designed to support  DEC members who are practicing professionals and whose primary role is serving young children with disabilities and their families. This fund honors Rose Engel, DEC’s first president, whose leadership shaped DEC as an organization. Nominees are expected to meet the high standards of professional practice set by Rose Engel.


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